Handwoven in the Atlas Mountains. Step inside a tradition older than Morocco itself.

A collection of flat-woven rugs inspired by the Saharan landscapes of Morocco. Pick a style. Pick a size. We'll start weaving.

A shepherd tends a flock of sheep in the Atlas Mountains. In the summer, the flock is sheared of its winter wool. It can take 50-100 coats to make a standard sized rug.

The wool is bundled and sent to be thoroughly washed

After washing, the wool is spun and turned into threads.

Now, the yarn is either left as its natural creamy color, or dyed and then returned to the studio.

The women begin the long process of weaving a design. Each woman (sometimes working with a partner) works on a rug from start to finish. This can take well over a month of tying knots.

The finished rugs are then doused with water, scrubbed clean, and draped over wooden racks where they’ll dry in the mountain air.